Band-in-a-Box 2020 for Mac build 414 is available.

This includes a DAW Plugin Update to 2.10.9

Summary of changes for build 414 (July 20):

  • Attempting to select a different font for Bar Based Lyrics in the Notation window options did not do anything.
  • Chord Sheet videos were not in sync with "Include 2 bar lead-in" audio render setting.
  • Chord Sheet videos were not in sync with "Delay at start (seconds)" audio render setting.
  • Attempting to step-advance with the Guitar or Big Piano windows would not work for the the Piano track, displaying flash message "Piano track is empty, cannot step advance".
  • The Audio track should be recovered if choosing not to save song after choosing Kill Audio.
  • Edit > Redo Kill Audio did not work.
  • Band-in-a-Box might crash when demoing styles with user chords in StylePicker.
  • DAW Plugin: MIDI audio was sometimes being mixed into rendered RealTracks.

DAW Plugin Update to 2.10.9 (July 20)

  • "Insert" and "Delete" options in chord sheet context menu (right-click)
  • Tempo/time sig was sometimes appearing on first bar.
  • DAW playback bar highlighting was not accurate for tempo with decimal
  • Bars in chord sheet were not highlighting on shift-click
  • Chord sheet right-click was resetting highlighted bars
  • Changed shortcut for deleting bars from "REMOVE" to "DELETE"
  • Inserting/Deleting bars not working correctly in chord sheet
  • Undo/Redo not working in chord sheet
  • Text in track table not resizing automatically
  • Minor resizing inconsistencies for chord sheet
  • Pushes not working if note is lower case (ie: ^a, ^^d, etc.)
  • Tags should disappear for 1 chorus and reappear for multiple choruses and not be set when not active
  • Playback progress bar is not accurate if tags exist
  • Zoom in chord sheet should preserve viewed area
  • Plugin should check if rendered files exist and reset "generate status" upon change
  • "Generate Needed" should flash anytime tracks are not generated/up to date
  • Generating master track after other tracks does not individual tracks
  • Crash after entering tempo with decimal (only allow integer or round to int)
  • Placement of chord sheet visuals should not overlap and fit in the space given
  • Plugin showing irrelevant messages when bb app cannot be found
  • Changing total choruses during playback did not trigger "Generate Needed"
  • "Selected Host" in Preferences said "Unknown" if DAW not in list

Summary of changes for build 412 (June 25):

  • Fixed: Program crash if auditioning a style demo that contained a % in the name.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop render will unfreeze tracks.
  • Fixed: Bar Based lyrics layer might contain unwanted line breaks which is apparent when pressing down arrow key.
  • Fixed: [#] filter menus did not work in localized versions.
  • Fixed: The Xtra Styles filter list did not include set 9.
  • Fixed: If using Italian keyboard layout, the # symbol could not be typed into the chord sheet using the dedicated option+à key combination.
  • Fixed: The RealDrums button should open the RealDrums Picker if holding [shift] key, and RealDrums Preferences if holding [ctrl] key.
  • Fixed: Looping bars by typing L into the chordsheet did not work if the number contained a 3 (eg looping 13 bars).
  • Fixed: Audio Edit page should not automatically scroll during playback if user is dragging mouse.
  • Improved: Serial number entry is improved for convenience.
  • Improved: Crash reports will contain more detailed information.
  • Fixed: A number of RealStyles and Demos have fixes to correct minor playback problems, key, feel, and song memos.

DAW Plugin Update to 2.9.41 (June 25)

There have been some features added to the DAW plugin since version 2.8. Here is a video tutorial that describes these changes:

  • Added: "Send MIDI Data to DAW for playing MIDI tracks" option in Preferences. **Note: When not enabled, the plugin will send the rendered audio for MIDI tracks if available
  • Added: Grey "track type" name in description area if track is empty
  • Added: Daw tempo under tempo if not the same
  • Added: Context menu option in track table to generate selection for MultiRiffs
  • Added: Global sync to host button for non standalone plugin types
  • Added: Mute and solo buttons
  • Added: Mute and solo options in track context menu
  • Added: Labels for pages in track table
  • Added: Preferences options for "Default Sync"
  • Added: Context menu in chord sheet
  • Added: Default settings button in preferences dialog
  • Added: Red MIDI channel icon next next to track description
  • Added: Chord sheet auto resizes to fit length of song
  • Added: Spacebar starts/stops playback in standalone plugin only
  • Changed: WAVE, MIDI, and CHART button redesign
  • Changed: Update stereo/mono indicators to be abbreviations
  • Changed: Moved demo (play) button to style info area
  • Fixed: Changed default setting for "Auto Generate Songs" to false
  • Fixed: Problems generating a RealDrums track on page two
  • Fixed: Removing custom MIDISuperTrack from page one replaced description with MST number
  • Fixed: Track table auto scrolling to track with name change
  • Fixed: Cannot bring pickers to front when first opening bb app
  • Fixed: Scroll bar jumping between pages while scrolling
  • Fixed: MIDI notes stay on when playback is stopped
  • Fixed: Improved syncing between plugin and DAW
  • Fixed: Moved demo (play) button to style info area
  • Fixed: Bug when initializing Band-in-a-Box while tracks are playing or synced
  • Fixed: Chord sheet highlighting should loop back to beginning if past 256 bars
  • Fixed: Loading m_FEDORA.STY displays first chord as Gb instead of F#
  • Fixed: Plugin focus is lost when generation starts
  • Fixed: Update stereo/mono to be abbreviations
  • Fixed: Rename "Special" to "Extra" for tracks on the second page
  • Fixed: "Transpose" button resets when closing/opening
  • Fixed: Track scrolling is reverse on windows
  • Fixed: Ending repeat symbol is off screen
  • Fixed: 'ALL' icon should show on midi only gen of midi style
  • Fixed: 'ALL' icon should drag primary tracks (midi and audio)
  • Fixed: Enable right-click for menu buttons (File, Select, Generate Options)
  • Fixed: Custom RDs not generating in style
  • Fixed: MultiRiffs are not generating with 4 bar ending
  • Fixed: MultiRiffs are not generating all choruses
  • Fixed: Harmonies are not working
  • Fixed: Default for all render settings is now false
  • Fixed: Bar number gets cutoff when window height is large and width is small
  • Fixed: Issues selecting bars in the chord sheet
  • Fixed: Some songs in "Recents" menu were missing the file name
  • Fixed: Unfold should copy everything (time sig and tempo markers)
  • Fixed: Issues generating custom track on style page
  • Fixed: Local playback should be disabled during DAW playback
  • Fixed: Increase track font size for large plugin window
  • Fixed: Tip for Generate button was identical to Generate Options
  • Fixed: Plugin should not be able to overwrite song demo
  • Fixed: Riffs of selected region is not working in context menu
  • Fixed: P hotkey should keep the same bar selected
  • Fixed: Improved chord sheet zooming to snap to row
  • Fixed: Auto scrolling chordsheet during playback should move in pages
  • Fixed: Change "Master" track label to "Style Mix"
  • Fixed: Tag end should be removed if tag start and tag jump are removed
  • Fixed: Issues adding tempo/time signature changes in the chord sheet
  • Fixed: RT on Melody track does not get generated
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting sometimes flickers when local playback has finished
  • Fixed: Flashing highlighted bar at the end of play.
  • Added: Space bar can now be used to start playback in standalone version.

Summary of changes for build 410 (April 15, 2020):

  • Added: A new StyleMaker has been added for editing existing styles, or making new ones.
  • Fixed: Crash if closing the Song Titles dialog immediately after opening it.
  • Fixed: Magenta color in splash screen if using macOS 10.12 or 10.13.
  • Fixed: Song title was not being saved properly in certain cases.

DAW Plugin 2.5.25
  • Fixed: Opening plugin when the DAW has altered tempo shows sync tempo indicator despite the match
  • Fixed: typing roman numerals in Normal display makes them show as superscripts
  • Fixed: Dragging tracks not working properly
  • Fixed: Changing track does not delete old file (if not dragged).
  • Fixed: Selected Host shows duplicates in the list
  • Fixed: Double clicking on empty track should not launch a picker
  • Fixed: Generate state should reset when all tracks are replaced

Summary of changes for build 407 (April 2, 2020):

  • Fixed: RealDrums Quick List was empty if launched from main toolbar.
  • Improved: Bootup time is faster.
  • Fixed: It is not possible to type ^ (caret symbol for pushes) in chordsheet if using an Italian keyboard layout.
  • Fixed: Opening songs from older versions might misinterpret song title as ?.
  • Fixed: Buttons in Custom toolbar are not draggable.
  • Fixed: The time signature button on the main toolbar did not do anything.
  • Fixed: A maximum of 1990 MIDI events are loaded from a song file into the Melody or Soloist track.
  • Fixed: RealDrums Quick List menu item did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Find a Sub for RealDrums menu item did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Various problems with localized versions.
  • Fixed: Some style demos for the newest RealTracks would not play.
  • Fixed: Song title will be changed to ? when re-saving if it previously contained international characters like é or ©.

DAW Plugin 2.5.18

  • Fixed: "Open Recent" opened file chooser dialog
  • Fixed: Unfold feature not working with some songs
  • Fixed: Choruses not resetting when playback is stopped in DAW
  • Fixed: Chord superscripts
  • Fixed: Clicking zoom many times will crash standalone plugin
  • Fixed: Undo removes all chords after opening a song
  • Fixed: Buzzing sound in Studio One
  • Fixed: Plugin determining chord accidentals now matches main program
  • Fixed: Removed alert menu when sync playing tracks that are not up-to-date (generated).
  • Fixed: Cancelling generate made song lose "dirty" state
  • Fixed: All selected tracks should drag from the plugin
  • Fixed: Shortcut file feature not working always working. Support was also added for pgshortc.txt files
  • Fixed: Double clicking grey area in chord sheet started playback
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting skipped last chorus when the start bar is greater than 1
  • Fixed: Right-click on bar should first launch popup menu
  • Fixed: Double clicking anywhere on a track should open its picker
  • Added: About to File Menu
  • Added: "year" to plugin name
  • Fixed: remove sync tempo button if already synced
  • Fixed: improve 2 finger scroll (too fast)

Summary of changes for build 403 (Mar 17, 2020):

  • Fixed: Clicking on Print Chords from the chord sheet context menu causes application to crash.
  • Fixed: Feature Browser button is missing from the big toolbar.
  • Fixed: Event List window is using wrong colors.
  • Fixed: Some song titles are blank in the Song Titles dialog.
  • Fixed: Possible Crashes

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