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I recently noticed that some of my "picker" dialogs started flickering and redrawing slowly in Band-in-a-Box. Specifically, it was the RealTracks, RealDrums, and Style Pickers. I found a solution to the issue so I thought I'd share it on here.

My setup:
Graphics card: Gigabyte NVidia GTX 1080
Monitor 1: LG 27GL850 (2560 x 1440 resolution, 10-bit color, 144 hz)
Monitor 2: LG 27UL550-W (3820 x 2160 resolution, 10-bit color, 60 hz)
Extended desktop mode

Items in the picker dialogs redraw slowly or flicker every time you move your cursor over them or scroll.

The issue actually occurred twice for me, and I found a different solution each time.

Instance 1: Windows automatically uninstalled the NVidia Control Panel software because Microsoft now requires that you download it through the Windows Store application directly. I downloaded it and installed it from the Windows Store and the issue went away.

Instance 2: The problem returned after I installed LG software called OnScreen Control that allows you to adjust settings for your monitor, including brightness, contrast, screen splitting, etc. To resolve it, I closed the app and prevented the app from starting up with Windows. To close the app, find it in your SYSTEM TRAY, right-click, and select EXIT. To disable it from running at startup, click on the START button and type in "Task Manager". From Task Manager, go to the STARTUP tab, right-click on LMMStartUpApp and select DISABLE.

Of course, this issue could be affecting other graphics cards and monitors. If you are experiencing this problem, make sure to check these things:

- Graphics card control panel software is installed and running in system tray
- Any other monitor adjustment software is disabled

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