Update your Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Mac today and you'll see a cleaner RealTracks Picker Window, hear the optional metronome while recording audio, and apply a few other 'fixes' for customer reported program issues.

This free patch is available here.


Summary of changes for build 416 (August 19):

  • Fixed: Crackling in rendered AIFF files if choosing 24 bit depth.
  • Fixed: Access violation and program crash if adding a repeat to song that requires too many bars (more than 255).
  • Fixed: If song is not currently saved, possible strange results when choosing File > Revert to saved.
  • Fixed: 'Metronome During Recording' feature only worked if choosing to record MIDI.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the F12 key does not work for calling the Panic menu item.
  • Fixed: Misaligned columns in the RealTracks Picker.
  • Fixed: Bar lines would disappear if reducing the size of the Notation Window in Staff Roll Mode.
  • Fixed: If using the right arrow key to advance the Notation Window, it could get 'stuck' on the currently displayed row.
  • Fixed: Loading in some XML files in which the chord type text was blank, could result in chords like Em or Am showing up as just E or A.
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