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#619172 - 10/15/20 09:59 AM [User Showcase] MajicSpell ending song of the series
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Rick Hansen Offline

Registered: 12/07/12
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Loc: Redding, Ca
Finished out the collection "Music for a restless planet" with "It's All For You". I tried to wrap up the three parts with a uplifting tone but still keeping in the relaxing mode. Anyway, I said I'd post it when it was all done so here it is. Thank you all for the encouragement along the way.

I started out with 'PNOMOOD.STY" and ended up with this 24 track beast...

It's All For You

( has all 3 in proper order, all written and composed in BIB.)

Edited by MajicSpell (10/16/20 10:59 AM)
It needs more cowbell!

#619191 - 10/15/20 01:45 PM [User Showcase] Re: MajicSpell ending song of the series [Re: Rick Hansen]
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EdZ314 Offline

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This track is a rich and deep composition with a lot of energy. It's quite impressive that you were able to write and compose this in BIAB. It has the sound of something that would be used as a relaxing demo track for a popular music production tool - big and wide and with lots going on in the mix. You did a real nice job with the panning - that was quite noticeable. The articulation and detail in the instrument sounds (I think I hear a harp?) are excellent. There's a really sweet chord change at 1:31. I'm a bit surprised by the cheering and clapping sounds in the second half though - is that supposed to represent a live audience or is it intended to convey joy or celebration?

Very well done, interesting, refreshing and engaging throughout.
Ed Z

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#619212 - 10/15/20 04:44 PM [User Showcase] Re: MajicSpell ending song of the series [Re: Rick Hansen]
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CaptainMoto Offline

Registered: 01/06/20
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My BP had just started to drop until you came in with something heavy around 46 seconds.
Then you took me for an uplifting ride, dropped me off in fantasy land and slammed the door.

Interesting emotional journey
An Old Man Make'n Music

#619218 - 10/15/20 05:36 PM [User Showcase] Re: MajicSpell ending song of the series [Re: Rick Hansen]
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Rick Hansen Offline

Registered: 12/07/12
Posts: 140
Loc: Redding, Ca
Ed, I wanted to leave the listener with an upswelling virtual moment hence I leaned on the crowd a bit. To Much? Cap, HaHa sounds like it did exactly what I wanted it to do. Thanks for the smile.

It needs more cowbell!


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