I found this song by the Italian singer-songwriter Renato Zero - and thought I'd share because I think it's so, so well-written. Wish I could write like that!!!

Here, below the video, is a translation (word for word) of the lyrics ... I hope you enjoy :-)

SUBLIME LOVE (L'amore sublime)

And there is no house that does not bear your name
And there is no shadow in your words
And there is nothing beyond my five senses
And there's no place in this world where I don't think of you

And there's no doubt when I wake up each time
And there's no mouth where I love more
And there's no air if I can't breathe you
And there's nothing else to look around for

And I feel that I'm almost losing myself
If I close my eyes, I forget myself ...

I present myself thus,
As you see me,
Devoid of vanity
I don't hide secrets

I adapt myself, if you like,
When we talk about love,
I give the best of myself
And make myself appreciated ...

And there is no day that doesn't surprise me
And there is no waiting where I don't wait for you
And there ain't at all another Paradise
And tell me what follows after your smile

And there's no choice for my own thoughts
And there's no wish that you do not make true
And there's no error that is not regretted
And there's no world when we're together

And, in one moment, now, everything seems to lose itself
And suddenly it's just you and me ...

And it's always thus,
There's little to be said
It's in the silence that we
Learn to understand one another

And it's thus that I
Lost all control
Do whatever you like to me
It's so beautiful to lose oneself ...

The miracle is here
It's YOU that's the miracle ...

And it's always thus
When you learn to feel
The infinite poetry
Of a sublime love

I will work on it
So that I don't lose you
With all the breath that I have
I will sustain this love

So that it doesn't drown
In this sterile sea,
Away with all these barriers,
Let love come in

The miracle is here,
A miracle, yes ...
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