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#625252 - 11/26/20 07:08 AM [Off-Topic] Happy Thanksgiving!
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Today our friends in the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving!

Our hours are not affected - we are here until 6pm PST!

We hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!
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#625286 - 11/26/20 08:34 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Happy Thanksgiving! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Thanks Callie from the two of us ... and the two of us it shall remain for the holidays!

Be safe,


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#625323 - 11/26/20 09:41 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Happy Thanksgiving! [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Always so much to reflect on and give thanks for on this day. Often it's things that may not be apparent.

I am not close to my family. In fact I haven's spoken to any of them outside of my one cousin that was the brother I never had and who I love dearly. I am so thankful for the small amount of people I can call friends that every year fill that void on a day when we reflect on our past year.

Many of you know I suffered a huge loss when I had to say goodbye to Scruff. We were together so long that it was truly losing a family member. We went through a lot together and she was always there to comfort me when times were bad, when I was sad or angry about something, just always there. And now she's gone.

But had that not happened I would not have found Chunk. He's been here going on 7 weeks now and it seems like he's been here forever. He is a great companion. He's as friendly and agreeable as any dog I have had, with a true streak of black lab in him, so I can be pretty sure my yard will always be squirrel free! He has not had a bathroom accident, he rides in the car with no motion sickness, and he walks on a leash like a perfect gentleman. He is very friendly to everybody we meet on walking trails. We are still negotiating bed space bed, but I'm pretty sure that will be ongoing. To all of you who were there to help me through to loss of Scruff, I am truly grateful. Of course nothing erases the pain of that kind of loss, but every kind word and every word of assurance that I gave her the best life she could have ever had helped me weather that storm.

We've all had to make adjustments as we deal with Covid, unpredictable due to it never having been see before. I laughed as I heard all of the idiotic “Oh, it's just like Swine Flu was” comments, idiotic because for someone to say that, they would have to have had both Swine Flu and Covid. I have music world friends who lost a whole summer of work and income, and I know that sucks. Fortunately most of them, being my age, were not sent to financial ruin because they have other sources of income. I am thankful that my friends who are still working have had the option to work from home and continue to draw their salary. And in fact many are in a better position due to not having commute expenses, and far better rested without having to get up and drive to an office.

But that is done! And only a fool trips over something behind him. I appreciate the people I have in my life, that my financial situation is stable, and that I have everything I want. Literally. More than 1 of many things. As I look at Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads, I just think "I need absolutely nothing."

So to everybody here, Happy Thanksgiving. From me AND this guy!!

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