Some Silly Love Song Made Me Cry
Hello everyone. I have been using BIAB since the floppy drive days and it has gotten better every year. I have started making YouTube videos of my music and wanted to send my latest one to the forum.
I use BIAB for all of the basic tracks in my music then go to Studio One to add any lead or string parts, etc., I may want to add, and of course all of my vocals. The music track for the song I am sending was done entirely in BIAB except for the short guitar break in the middle. The Real Tracks have become so good over the years I seldom have to play any of the parts myself unless I want some sort of a melody for strings or such. I will regenerate a guitar or piano part several times to find a section I like, save those regenerations as separate wave files, and then pick and choose the sections I want in Studio One. The style I used for this song was _ASPEN.STY Aspen Songwriter Pop. I used the following RealTracks:
Bass=683 Piano=1533 Drums=NashvilleEven8 Guitar1=2935 Guitar2=1677 Guitar3=543

Below is the link to my song Some Silly Love Song Made Me Cry: