Band-in-a-Box 2021 Build 818 update is available

This includes DAW Plugin build v.3.4.4

Release notes (build 818, Jan 28)

  • Fixed: If 'Mute melody during middle chorus' is selected, last chorus is also muted.
  • Fixed: Delay before playback, especially for long songs with RealCharts.
  • Fixed: The track selector in the Notation window might display the wrong track number if using the 32 bit version.
  • Fixed: "Pause Play Until MIDI or Key received" caused MIDI hardware to play out of sync with RealTracks.
  • Fixed: Utility tracks would fail to render to audio via Drag and Drop.
  • Fixed: Audio plugins on slot 1 were not loading to Utility tracks when loading songs.
  • Fixed: Removing RealDrums or RealTracks does not automatically assign the Default Synth to a track.
  • Fixed: In the Choose from list dialog, an exclamation before a keyword does not filter out that keyword.
  • Fixed: Playback is visually 1 bar out of sync after looping to beginning of song if "1 bar lead-in" is enabled.
  • Fixed: Bar Settings changes for bar 1 should be applied at start of lead-in.
  • Fixed: Step advancing through Melody might not produce any sound if using a DXi synth.
  • Fixed: Selecting a Thru track patch would be applied to the currently selected track.
  • Fixed: RT2263, Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm 80sPopMedium Ev 120 cutting out.
  • Added: Simple option for RT3757 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RockBluesySlow128RotaryBrent Sw 060
  • Added: Simple option for RT3762 Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm PartidoAltoRamon Ev16 100
  • Added: Transcriptions for RealTrack Bass, Electric, Pop HalfNotes Ev 085
  • Fixed: Bar Settings fades did not work for "All Instruments".
  • Fixed: MIDI hardware is out of sync with RealTracks on some computers.
  • Fixed: Copy/Move Tracks might change the destination track's MIDI channel.
  • Fixed: Sequencer Window: The "Play" check boxes did not filter notes being sent to plugins.
  • Fixed: "Also generate MIDI Drums in the MIDI file" was ignored when exporting MIDI files.
  • Fixed: Volume/Pan/Reverb were not loaded to Thru track from when loading songs.
  • Added: "Thru Volume, Pan, Reverb, Patches" setting added to the Overrides dialog.
  • Fixed: Issues with Bar Settings un-muting tracks.
  • Fixed: Rendering individual tracks to MP3 might fail if high bit rate is selected.
  • Fixed: Options > Preferences > [Colors] should launch the Display Options dialog instead of the old Colors dialog.
  • Fixed: Division By Zero error after recording audio if there are no input devices available.
  • Fixed: BodhranTradSlipjig RealDrums were playing the wrong audio.
  • Updated: Documentation files.

DAW Plugin 3.4.4

  • Added: Line between 'GENERATE' and 'CUSTOM...' buttons to separate the two visually
  • Fixed: Out-of-sync bar highlighting when there are tempo changes
  • Fixed: Generating with disabled style mix leaves blinking light on
  • Fixed: Transport buttons stay greyed out after stopping sync playback in DAW
  • Fixed: Localization display issues and bugs

Release notes (build 814, Jan 5)

  • Fixed: The "Output Chords" track was not included in exported MIDI files.
  • Fixed: Dragging Master to MIDI quadrant of drop station would fail.
  • Fixed: MIDI files exported using drag and drop was not channeled properly.
  • Fixed: Access violation when generating song that has style changes.
  • Fixed: RealDrums will be silent if BT1 and BT0 files are missing.
  • Fixed: Issues with muting & un-muting tracks using Bar Settings.
  • Fixed: Changing song position during playback did not work if using MME audio drivers.
  • Fixed: Deleting chords in the chord sheet did not trigger RealTracks to regenerate.

Release notes (build 813, Dec 29)

  • Fixed: Noise at end of songs with Loops.
  • Fixed: Range check error when launching the 32 bit version.
  • Fixed: Floating Mixer was not returning to its previous position and size.
  • Fixed: Mixer was not showing decibels when loading older song files.
  • Fixed: Reopening a song that contains an Audio Chord Wizard tempo map would play the Audio track out of sync.
  • Fixed: Exported MIDI did not include harmonies.
  • Fixed: "Melody > Mute Melody during Middle choruses" was ignored if using plugins or Default Synth.
  • Fixed: MIDI Import dialog was displaying one less track than was in the MIDI file.
  • Fixed: Importing a multi-track MIDI file should automatically choose separate destination tracks instead of Melody for all of them.
  • Fixed: VST plugins that do not have GUI should not automatically open a window when assigned.
  • Fixed: Nameless VST plugins should just display using DLL name.
  • Fixed: Some RealDrums Picker entries had incorrect or incomplete feel and tempo info.
  • Fixed: SkaSlow70sWes^ audition demos now playing correctly.
  • Fixed: MarkTreeFills extraneous noise.
  • Fixed: Copy/Move Track: "Merge with existing data" was ignored when copying or moving MIDI.
  • Fixed: PopRockBasic^ Drums might be silent.

Bonus "Half-time" and "Double-time" RealStyles! (Dec. 22)

With this patch, we've added more bonus half-time / double-time variation styles.

Total of new styles is:
  • 111 new RealStyles
  • 80 new RealTracks variations.
  • 27 new RealDrums variations.

This includes:

  • variations of existing 16th-based bluegrass.
  • variations of existing celtic and train beat styles.
  • new styles with both 8th-based and 16th variations.
  • 16th-based samba variations.

Watch this video that describes the new content:

Release notes (build 811, Dec 22)

  • Fixed: Notation context menu > Insert Section Text Event would cause access violation.
  • Fixed: Muting the Melody track would not mute the harmony voices.
  • Fixed: Melody harmony notes were not displayed on the Melody piano on the Mixer.
  • Fixed: The "Keep Take" dialog appears immediately starting to record MIDI.
  • Fixed: Loading some songs will remove the Defaulth Synth.
  • Fixed: Frozen MIDI tracks were not saved properly in song files.
  • Fixed: Compressed utility tracks were not loading with songs (WMA, M4A, etc).
  • Fixed: Distorted audio recording if using WAS drivers with 96kHz or higher sample rate.
  • Fixed: Pitch shifted audio recording if using ASIO drivers with sample rate other than 44.1kHz.
  • Fixed: Reverb can still be heard after song is stopped.
  • Fixed: Disabled MIDI tracks continued to play through the default synth.
  • Fixed: Exported MIDI would ignore range settings if selected.
  • Fixed: Lyrics were not included with exported MIDI files.
  • Fixed: Choosing Karaoke format was ignored when exporting MIDI files.
  • Fixed: Generating RealTracks on a Utility track would cause RealTracks on the Melody track to become silent until regenerated.
  • Fixed: StylePicker fixes for 12/8 and 6/8 time signatures and Sw/Ev errors.

DAW Plugin 3.3.5

  • Added: Preferences option to enable/disable style mix track by default. Note that when the style mix track is disabled, it will be excluded from generation. You can enable/disable the style mix track by using the "+" button or right-clicking on the track.
  • Fixed: Chords in midi marker file should hold past bar to next chord
  • Fixed: Generate single track from track table was not working
  • Fixed: Generating single style tracks does not activate transport buttons
  • Fixed: Generating individual tracks would render single tracks
  • Fixed: Plugin does not always mute style tracks correctly after generation

Release notes (build 808, Dec 14)

  • Fixed: Generating RealTracks on Utility tracks would fail with an error message.
  • Fixed: The Melody track was being erased after generating a RealTrack on a Utility track.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when rendering song with tempo changes and "one file per track" enabled.
  • Fixed: When rendering a song with tempo changes, individual tracks will be out of sync (wrong tempos).
  • Updated: PDF Manuals, Help file, Feature Browser.

Release notes (build 807, Dec 11)

  • Fixed: RealTracks might be silent after using more than 1 song or style (eg. _BALFRED.STY followed by _J085_GB.STY).
  • Fixed: No sound if using ASIO driver with the 32 bit version.
  • Fixed: No sound if using MME driver if there is no input available.
  • Fixed: If using MME audio drivers, and switching default devices while Band-in-a-Box is running, the new device was not used, and the program would freeze during exit.
  • Fixed: Slow redrawing while recording audio.
  • Fixed: Hot-Keys for Mixer volume, pan, reverb were not working.
  • Fixed: Disabled tracks not displaying the right color on the Mixer.
  • Fixed: Progress bar should be shown during VST plugin scan.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when generating RealTracks on a Utility track.
  • Added: 2 additional Feel filters for StylePicker: 8th (Even 8th or Swing 8th), Swing (Swing 8th or Swing 16th)

Release notes (build 806, Dec 9)

  • Fixed: Audio harmonies failed to work if "Output to separate tracks" was disabled.
  • Fixed: Select Guitar/Bass Amp Plugin menu item was not working.

Release notes (build 805, Dec 8)

  • Fixed: VSTSynthFont should not ask for serial number if run from Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: MIDI and audio go out of sync if using Tempo Percent feature.
  • Fixed: Issues with Tempo Percent change during playback.
  • Fixed: Possible crash during playback after importing MIDI files.
  • Fixed: Importing separate tracks of a MIDI file onto the same track in Band-in-a-Box would not merge the tracks together.
  • Fixed: Imported files were not playing on the right channels.
  • Fixed: Utility tracks don't show patch names in the Mixer.
  • Fixed: VST plugins with more than 2 inputs channels were silent (eg. Native Instruments Guitar Rig).
  • Fixed: Changes to the Plugins Exclude lists should be saved before adding new plugins from the Plugins Options dialog.
  • Fixed: MIDI on Utility tracks should transpose when changing song key.
  • Fixed: Utility track audio should transpose when changing key of song.
  • Fixed: Artist Performance Tracks were playing at the wrong tempo.
  • Fixed: The [Tutor] button in the Guitar window should be highlighted when the Tutor is enabled.
  • Fixed: The Guitar Tutor display did not work.
  • Added: “Transpose by Semitones" menu item added to Utility track context menu.
  • Added: "Erase Track" menu item added to Utility track context menu.
  • Added: [Add Plugins] button added to the Plugin Selector dialog.

Release notes (DAW Plugin 3.1.4)

  • Added: Render setting option to "Use high-quality tempo stretching"
  • Added: 'C7' Button (bottom right corner). Drag from there to export chords in MIDI file to the DAW. Click on the button for more options.
  • Added: Click status message area to bring any open bb window to front
  • Fixed: "End" in chord sheet overlapped with tempo change
  • Fixed: Changing render setting should notify that regeneration is needed
  • Fixed: Right-click play from chord sheet while a section is highlighted should loop that section
  • Fixed: Opening plugin window while DAW is playing shows warning message

Release notes (build 804, Dec 4)

  • Fixed: RealTracks could be assigned to the wrong track, if the target track was not selected.
  • Fixed: Distorted audio in rendered files if using 48kHz or 96kHz sample rates.
  • Fixed: MIDI controller 64 = 0 (sustain pedal) was not being sent to MIDI output when stopping playback.
  • Fixed: MIDI controller 74 = 0 (brightness) was being sent to MIDI output when stopping playback.
  • Fixed: Importing some MIDI files might cause access violation.
  • Fixed: If using Windows 7, the mouse wheel did not work for: Audio Edit window, Track Selector (various windows), Mixer controls.
  • Fixed: Excluding plugins manually would not list any plugins in the File Open dialog.
  • Fixed: jBridge did not work bridging 64bit/32bit plugins.
  • Fixed: "Auto Show/Hide Tracks" setting should apply (or not apply) to loading styles, songs, etc.
  • Added: Generating RealTracks on Utility tracks can be done from the track context menu, or from the Audio Edit window. Generate over the selected region, or otherwise the whole track.


    To generate a RealTracks on a utility track, select the utility track in the mixer and right click to get the menu. Then select and generate Realtracks. The utility track will turn orange when it’s done. Then press play or view the Audio Edit Window to see the RT.

    To generate a RT for a selected region, from the audio edit window of the utility track, select the region and use the audio edit window menu called "Edit", then choose to generate a RT, and it will appear for the selected region.

    Here is a video showing how to generate RealTracks on a utility track:

Release notes (build 803, Dec 2)

  • Fixed: Crash on bootup with various ASIO drivers.
  • Fixed: Crash when selecting various ASIO drivers.
  • Fixed: Copying chord text to clipboard was not working.
  • Fixed: The Default Synth settings were not saved when exiting the program.
  • Added: Ctrl+Shift+V hotkey added for Edit > Paste Special.
  • Updated: Documentation - Help file, manuals, feature browser.

DAW Plugin v.3.0.9

  • Fixed: MST not generating correctly on extra page
  • Fixed: Problems unfolding song
  • Fixed: Changing audio output channels of audio RC on MIDI track does not work
  • Fixed: Audio does not play in sync mode with DAW running
  • Fixed: Plugin crashes when trying to load a song demo
  • Fixed: Plugin should say 2021 not 2020
  • Fixed: Make midi note length equal length of note in chord sheet
  • Fixed: Update colours for play buttons
  • Fixed: Chord display settings in chord sheet context menu not working properly

Release notes (build 802, Dec 1)

  • Added: Double-click on a track label to rename it.
  • Fixed: Track context menu > Kill Audio was applying to the wrong track.
  • Fixed: Dropping an audio file onto Audio Edit did not import to the right track.
  • Fixed: Possible crash after recording, if using 32-bit input with ASIO.
  • Fixed: Recording might fail the second time if using ASIO.
  • Fixed: (32bit version) crash on bootup if using MME audio drivers with "Wave Mapper" selected.
  • Fixed: (32bit version) possible crash on exit if using MME audio drivers.
  • Fixed: (32bit version) crash when opening the Audio Edit window.
  • Fixed: Transpose indicator on main toolbar did not update when setting was changed in the Notation Options dialog.
  • Fixed: Lead Sheet window might freeze when opening.
  • Fixed: MIDI remains on Utility tracks when loading another song.
  • Fixed: Audio Harmony dialog was showing 4 voices when only 2 was selected.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to select multiple track in the Lead Sheet window.
  • Fixed: Issues with Miniature Mixer Mode.
  • Fixed: Issues with patch changes in rendered files.
  • Fixed: Playback and rendering problems with relative tempo % changes.
  • Fixed: StylePicker MIDI Sets 78-83 were labelled incorrectly.
  • Fixed: What Add-ons Dialog wasn't listing MultiStyles 1 or Loops with Styles 1,2.

Release notes (build 801b, Nov 29)

  • Fixed: Misc. issues with Style display in StylePicker. Total number of PG styles is 8410.
  • Added: User StylePicker category for Rediscovered bonus styles.
  • Fixed: Conflict between RT3507 and MST3684
  • Improved: Instrumental Studies 14

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