A Build 3 Update is available for PowerTracks Pro Audio Version 2021

Download the build 3 update

Release Notes [Build 3] (Feb 19)

  • FIXED - Program would silently crash (quit) when selecting FlexASIO driver
  • FIXED - If changing the song sample rate in Audio Settings and then going into the ASIO drivers dialog, then "resampler in use" or "resampler NOT in use" might be incorrect.
  • FIXED - Problems launching utilities like the MIDI Monitor.
  • FIXED - If Windows Audio input/output drivers had different sampling rates, then the warning message was shown too frequently. It will not be shown once per session, or when recording is pressed.
  • FIXED - You could only resize the track height in the Tracks Window by hovering the mouse over the overview area but not the panel area on the left side of the screen.
  • FIXED - Print options doesn't adhere to the Bars Per Line in Print Options when "from this screen on" is changed in Notation Window. (Fixed by adding a checkbox setting to Ignore Bars Per Line Markers.)
  • FIXED - When printing, and a Bars Per Line marker exists in 2nd row of notation, then the first row being printed might have the incorrect bars per line.
  • FIXED - When loading in an MGU/SGU, slurs Entered in Band-in-a-Box Notation Aren't Present In RealBand Notation
  • FIXED - Flashmessage added if attempting to save to MGU/SGU (not supported in PowerTracks)
  • FIXED - Can't save mono wma files (could do so in PTW2020 and earlier)
  • FIXED - Load Audio Category Effects does nothing
  • FIXED - Interpret Chords always uses Audio interpretation instead of MIDI

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