Here's a Big Clock I made for Biab with a 2 bar offset for the count-in.
Install ReaPlugs

Save this by right click Save Target/Link As BiabClock.txt BiabClock.txt
then copy to
(OR if you have got Reaper installed Options > Show Resource path.. and copy to Effects\MIDI)
and reajs.ini
to ...\VSTplugins\ReaPlugs\ otherwise it will be looking REAPER resource folder.
Add reajs.dll to an audio track in Biab
make the windows bigger and click "Load" BiabClock in the MIDI menu
once loaded "Save Group" by clicking the Plugin in the mixer
next time you need it just click the Mixer track and "Load Group"

You can change the font type and size in Notepad
gfx_setfont(1, "Arial", 80);