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Originally Posted By: vicarn
Hi Floyd.
Nicely done with a clever lyric. I notice that Michael had a part in this. Was it his idea to get the harmonica in there?
I know he loves that sound.


Thanks for the listen, Vic. I added the harmonica because I know that Mike always likes 'em...

Originally Posted By: ROG
Hi Floyd,

A superb backing track with a great mix of instruments which are all working together as they should be.
A nice up-beat tempo which makes me feel this will sound good in the truck.

Wonderful vocal and a perfect harmony.

Excellent mix as usual.


Thanks, ROG!!!

Originally Posted By: Derochette
Hi Floyd Jane,

Your compositions are always well done. Everything is well thought out and well organized. And it's always a pleasure to listen to them. As is the case here. I appreciated.

Kindly regard
alias JaniJackFlash

Thanks, Derochette....

Originally Posted By: Janice & Bud
Great eye catching title. You just gotta open it and see what it's all about.

You could sing the proverbial New York phone book (remember them) and it would sound great.
The fluidity with which you vocally handle genres and subgenres is something to behold.

You always treat with as Janice just said "little vocal nuances that are perfect for the line," and this is no exception.

2015 or 2021 or whenever ... it's most enduring.

Your mixes and track choices are always so consistently good that we nearly forgot to mention it. Excellent.

And a fine write ... rein, remain, domain -- yeah!

Great post mr jane,


Appreciate that, y'all!!! smile

Originally Posted By: Ezekiel's Storm
Another quality song and top-notch production. Excellent vocal.

Thanks, Scott.

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Joined: Dec 2011
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Hi floyd I don't think I have ever heard a bad song from you!! you know how much to put in and what to leave out great country song super good thanks for sharing Eric

AMD (TM) 5950 4.9 GHz 16Core Processor 64 bit 32 bits of ram windows 10 pro 64 bit os. sound card Antelope ZenQ guitars Ibanez 2202a 1968 les Paul Custom and Cavin ae 185 Guitar boss Gt-100,GT1000 pedal Yamaha HS8 studio monitors
Leon1 #662883 07/04/21 07:45 AM
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Originally Posted By: Leon1
What can I say, Floyd? Pure class.

Thanks, Leon...

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Originally Posted By: Mike Halloran
Love the lyric, vocal and groove — almost everything except the bass.

The bass sounds like one of those auto-generated, one-button arpeggiated chord lines from a Lowrey or Yamaha home organ from the 1970s. The drum kit you chose has a nice pocket but that bass line is nowhere near.

BIAB has better samples (not all, of course) as does just about any DAW and VI library. Really, though, this song is begging for a P-Bass in the hands of a real player locking with those drums if you can swing it.

If I didn't like everything else so much, the bass wouldn't have bothered me.

Thanks for weighing in, Mike.

There are not a lot of Swing electric bass choices in BIAB and depending on tempo, even fewer. There are more acoustic bass choices, but I did not want to have to deal with the leveling issues that they typically need addressed.

I'll also admit that for this particular song (and production) I was not too concerned with the bass other than for it to provide a solid bottom. A bass that "moves" a lot can be an option (if that is the sound you are wanting to hear), but in this case, I felt there was plenty of movement happening in the other instruments - acoustic guitar, dobro, harmonica... a busy bass might have been a distraction. In the end, my ear was sufficiently busy with other lines that it did not "ask" for a "peppy, take-notice-of-me bass line".

Who's your PRO?

ASCAP. I was with BMI for a number of years, but they never did anything for me. Ralph Murphy (then an ASCAP VP) heard some of my songs at a writer's night and asked if he could help. I told him I was with BMI - he said "I don't care"... and over the course of many months set up appointments with most of the major players in Nashville - which eventually led to an offer of a staff deal with HoriPro Entertainment Group. Needless to say, as soon as my then-current BMI period was up, I changed to ASCAP.
I haven't registered any new songs in over 15 years. There doesn't seem to be any real point. Once I quit the Music Row scene (15 years ago), there wouldn't be anything worth chasing anymore anyway....

F.M.M. #662942 07/05/21 04:19 AM
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Originally Posted By: Dewey_MI
Very clever lyrics and great angle! Suggest that you get rid of the last two lines of each verse to get to the chorus just a touch quicker; this would also get rid of the only use of first person in the song ("belonging to no one, believe me"). Regardless what you decide, this is well done and I really enjoyed it. Just my two-cents.

Na zdrowie!

Thanks for having a listen, Dewey. Since the verse is only 40 seconds long, I don't think it "takes too long" to get to the chorus...and the lines you are suggesting dropping are important summary lines. Brevity for the sake of brevity can leave your songs lacking depth and "fluffy". But it's always good to hear suggestions from others...

Originally Posted By: Birchwood
Hello Floyd,

A strong song of yours (again!)!
I read you made this one in 2015 with Michael.
That is some time ago and since then you improved your style even more.
The vocals are very good in this song, close, warm and sensitive.
The lyrics are strong, although "belonging to the public domain" can be looked at in many ways...

It was very pleasant to listen to it.

Thanks, Hans...

Originally Posted By: F.M.M.
Hi floyd I don't think I have ever heard a bad song from you!! you know how much to put in and what to leave out great country song super good thanks for sharing Eric

Eric - thanks for dropping in for a listen....

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Joined: Aug 2018
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Killer sound coming through the monitors. I like the way you don't really try to make her a bad girl...she's just who she is and let the chips fall. Plenty enough country songs about her testosterone-fueled counter-parts...glad to see a lady get a pass.

I have to say, though, that my favorite part was the ending. You built some really nice sustained tension for that anticipated resolution. Nice chord work, sir. I think it fits the theme from the listener's POV. Worth it.

BIAB 2021 Audiophile. Windows 10 64bit. Songwriter, lyricist, composer(?) loving all styles. Some pre-BIAB music from Farfetched Tangmo Band's first CD.
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Joined: Mar 2018
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FJ + Michael,
Great colab.
Late for the party, but I must say this makes it the best tune of yours this year in my book. Perfect lyrics! Great vocals and A+ production and mix. Really liked this one. Thank you for sharing.


P.S. I listened to it couple of days ago, but when tried to reply, last page was blank... Not sure if it was my browser or not. Funny thing, at one point when I refreshed the page it showed your name as loyd Jane, I thought you brought a collaborator by name Loyd smile Then page resolved the next day.

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