If you have Biab running As Administrator go to the install folder
C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey and set AutoHotkey.exe to Run As Administrator.
Remove the .mp4 from unzip to bb folder.
The Progressions folder has the chord library.
Run Biab Progression Library.ahk

EDIT: will set the path automatically just so long as the Progressions folder and the Biab Progression Library.ahk is in the same folder, so you can have it on any drive and folder.

You can change the Path for the Progressions folder in the script by opening Biab Progression Library.ahk with Notepad or drag it in it, change and Save.
Path := "C:\bb\Progressions\"

This can be made to work on the BiabVST.

# Check newer posts for updated versions.

It will save a complete song with chords and style:

So if I select just a few bars them "Copy BB Chords"
it will just copy them only, I can also edit the Part Markers.
If I don't select any bars and "Copy BB Chords" it will copy the complete
song with key tempo style and chords that is easy saved to the Library.
Any saved chords can be inserted at whatever bar the cursor is at.
Any chords selection can be transposed "Transpose Sel".

With "All Chords +/-" you can transpose all the chords then select the chords you need and "Copy BB Chords" then the sheet can be transposed back.

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