After I've bought my first BiaB (version: 2020 Pro) less than a year ago, my expectations have been exceeded - but there still remained a number of unfulfilled major needs, for sure. So I said to myself, that at least two of those major needs should be fulfilled until I'd buy the next version.

And a couple of weeks ago, I saw in a video that even 3 of them are fulfilled in fact, with BiaB 2021!

Those are:
  • More Midi-Tracks
  • a simple copy-function from Note-based Lyrics to Bar-based Lyrics
  • the option to mix 4/4 bars with 2/4 bars

Therefore, I'll either update to 2021 Pro soon, or I'll upgrade to 2022 Mega next year.

wtg again, PGMusic!
BiaB Pro 2022; Windows 10
Bass: Intermediate; Piano: Beginner
I came to this forum in order to suggest feature improvements for non-professional musicians like myself that use BiaB mainly as a playalong tool and as a learning tool