I returned to Band-in-a-Box in 2011 after receiving a Band-in-a-Box ProPAK as a gift. What amazed me the most about Band-in-a-Box was how RealTracks could follow changes in key signature the same way MIDI always has.

I could create a simple three chord chart in "C" such as "C", "F" and "G" and playback sounded real and authentic. Then I'd change my mind and switch to "E" and the program would playback "E", "A" and "B" and it would sound just as real and authentic. Magic.

MIDI instruments have been able to transpose since MIDI was introduced in 1983. If you have a large enough set of acoustic loops you could manually replace "C" with "E", "F with "A" and "G" with "B" but it would take a long time and require a lot of manual work. But Band-in-a-Box and RealTracks can quickly transpose between keys.

It seems so simple because Band-in-a-Box handles the task with grace and doesn't make a big deal of it. I really enjoy it when new users join the forum and say how they are amazed at the same thing.

Band-in-a-Box is capable of so much more. But every time I transpose a chord chart I still get a feel good charge and am amazed at the ease and results.
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