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hello'I would like more help to create usertracks, I leave here my work with realdrums.

Brazilian rhythms of Realdrums for the program o Band in a box, recorded with the drummer Real, accompanies installation video and pdf, Rhythms such as samba, baião, pisadinha, forró, bossa nova, accompanies installation video

In C:\bb\Data\DrumStylesInfo2.txt you can add the Drum info

Drum Folder name=time signature, Sw Ev,8 16,genre, genre,low bpm, hi bpm,
FunkMultiSw16=4,Sw,16,Funk,Rock,80,120,UserTracks Forum,NA

Make a backup of the added info.

In X:\bb\RealTracks\Data\RealDrums Demos Audio
you can create a short demo with band or solo to preview in the RealDrum Picker.
Folder name_Band.wma

Enable CC and choose English or your language with the gear icon

I put all the drums in the one folder, so you will only need to add the original wav in these folders and name it the same as the other files in the folder. So if you want them in the one folder rather than mixed in with the other RealDrums download this template.
Remove the .mp4 and unzip: Brazilian^