I've been successfully producing kids music using BIAB for over 20 years now. And in that time I've never missed an update, finally going whole hog a few years ago with the Audiophile option. (which is really worth it, BTW)


BIAB is a simply amazing and indispensable tool. Especially of use to me have been the folky, bouncy styles. The one style that I've used the most, but which needs a major upgrade is the Rehearsal Piano which was produced by PG Music way back in 2010. The timing is a bit wonky, and the audio quality is dated and not up to par with the pristine newer styles.

I would LOVE to see a full style set of Ragtime, early jazz solo accompaniment piano in multiple styles, tempos, and feels. Think Piano for silent movies. Mister Dressup and Mr. Rogers-ish. And the cornier the better! smile

Thanks for reading and if anyone has created Ragtime user tracks, please let me know!

Cheers, and many thanks to PG Music for this superb program.