Hi, I'm trying to set the double time feel in a jazz ballad. I can do that if I select a track (drums and piano for example) for all the song, but I can't do that (and I didn't find a solution) only for a few bars.
In other words if I want to play the A structure (for example first 8 bars) with normal time (80bpm) and then the B (for example from measure 9 to 16) with double time, I can't do that.
I use real tracks and I want to find a solution not for a solo part but for all the instruments that play.
At the moment the only solutions is to export audio track in a DAW and edit time with it but I want to understand if I can do that in biab and with some control

Thank you in advance.
ps: I have the latest 2021 version of BIAB for MAC.