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#740319 - 11/23/22 07:37 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] "Print" notation as Xml file
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Stefan G. Rasmussen Offline

Registered: 11/13/11
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Loc: Fr.sund
I really have a wish I wan't to be realised…

In my use of Biab for decades I always come to a point, where I have to make the notation sheets in several different copyes and layouts for my fellow musician...

I have noticed when I recieve notation from other musician made in their Notation Program Sibelius, Primus, or whatever the brand is... That those different providers - in the programming og Notation programs - all use a common/united and readable file format... The .xml format!

Can You imagine how fantastic it would be, if you - when you have finished the work with a BiaB arrangement - could export/(print) the notation via a .xml file and then use it directly into your choosed Notation App/program... cool

Mayo, mayo that would be wonderfull, and I surely hope, that a lot of you will back up behind this wish, in order to wake The BiaB Santa Claus this X-mas!

So... Dear Santa!
PLEASE make it possible - when I and thousands of BiaB users will print our BiaB Notesheets - to be able to “print it/export it” as a XML file.
If you could do that you would save many hours for users of BiaB, because they - with that improvement - can import their struggle for a better tune in this world, directly into their private notation program.

Merry X-mas from a humble songwriter...
The best Mucic comes directly from your Heart...

#740333 - 11/23/22 10:35 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: "Print" notation as Xml file [Re: Stefan G. Rasmussen]
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AudioTrack Online   content

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Not sure what version or BiaB you have, but Save Song as Music XML has been available for a number of years. Does this do what you wish to achieve?

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#740339 - 11/23/22 11:02 AM [Band-in-a-Box Wishlist] Re: "Print" notation as Xml file [Re: Stefan G. Rasmussen]
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Matt Finley Online   content

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You are correct that this is a valuable feature. I do it all the time, using the command AudioTrack showed.

Also, File, Open Special can open a Music XML file in BIAB. So, BIAB has both Import and Export.

I might mention that 'common/united' is different from 'fully standardized'. Most modern music programs support import and export of Music XML, as does BIAB, but it doesn't always get you 100% there. On occasion, a file won't even load into another program and you may have to edit the text file and make a few modifications.

Even when it works, small differences in implementation by programs mean that you need to look the results over closely. If I write D7alt, for example, almost every notation program I've used interprets this differently, and BIAB has only one definition of it. Still, it's the best we have, and is usually far superior to transferring MIDI.

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