PG Music traditionally releases Band-in-a-Box for Mac in June or July

If the Plugin contained the generate code and didn't need bbw4.exe or bbw4.app the Plugin would then be released at the same time, same as other VST's do with their Win/Mac versions, wouldn't it ?

Would the Mac users still have to wait 6 months for the same programming to be done to the Biab In A Box.app as that has just been done to the Win bbw_64.exe before they could get the Mac Plugin ? or would it be released as a separate Plugin/ Plugin Standalone+Tracks package in December ?

With the actual BBPlugin Standalone being as quick or even quicker than the main Biab exe/app to generate/play tracks this would be a whole new ball game wouldn't it ?
Wouldn't you then be able to do an Alt+F8 in the Plugin to regen any track sections.
Wouldn't the BBPlugin/Standalone be able to have proper time signatures, any tempo map, more that 255 bars then ? same as Superior Drummer 3 ?
Would it be rebranded as a whole new "Plugin" when it becomes independent of the bridging system and able to work standalone, so as to differentiate it from the old way it "worked" ?
With Mac changing OS very often would the Plugin/Plugin Standalone suffer less with compatibility issues than the main app ?