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>>Generate and Play tracks instantly in the Plugin by playing the source files direct from the generated text data, no rendering down to wav at all (unless needed to export).

Yes, planned for sometime in 2023.

>>Fit and sync with any Time Signature in the DAW.
Sync with any decimal varying tempo map.

We plan to add support for floating point tempos and any time signature, in BiaB, plug-in, and RB.

>Go over 255 bars.

Yes, planned for BiaB & plug-in. Already possible in RB.

>48khz / 24bit source wav/aiff files.

We have source wavs for this 24/48, and are looking into it. This I will take time, but should be worth it.

Once you start moving the generate code into the VST/VST Standalone this will rocket ahead being cross platform giving Mac users the VST and the same time using the same audio format for both. This will be more suitable for Mac Pro Audio users and Win users alike. As I have said I see the VST Standalone the new simple to use cross platform Band In A Box Lite® so a Linux version also while your at it.

I really think that's how it will go as you are not spending 6 months on the Win Plugin then 6 months on the Mac Plugin as you do with Biab, it's using cross platform released at the same time, same features Win Lin Mac. That's future proofing, I can't see how the current 6 months Win 6 months Mac will last down the track. They could use JUCE and spend the other 6 months in Hawaiian sunshine.