I'm trying to get Biab VST handling fixed so we don't have to use Element

This is just initial steps, once you get it setup you simply Load Group > xxx.tgs It can also use VST3.


1. Install Element

2. Install https://www.reaper.fm/reaplugs/ (You don't need Reaper for this)
This will use the FX in Reaper if you have it installed if not it will use the FX in your VST folder\ReaPlugs You can set it to use this folder even if you have Reaper.

3. Load Element VSTi into a Midi track that you want to snap to key,
make the window bigger, use mouse wheel to scroll up/down and shift mouse wheel to scroll left/right. Drag the Midi In, Audio Out together.

4. Inside Element load Reajs.dll VST under Cockos, Load >MIDI > Snap to source chords
connect it's Midi In to the Midi Input,
connect it's Midi out to you VST instrument (Sforzando in example below under Plogue)
and it's Audio Out to the Audio Output.

5. In ReaJS > Snap to source chords, set the midi channel of the target track, right click the an empty track name > Edit MIDI > Generate Chord Track on This Track (remember the channel) # Ticks before chord change > 0
right click the FX slots on the chord track > Re-Route MIDI..> to the Target track. In ReaJS > Snap to source chords set the chord track channel.

6. Once you have it set up right click the FX and Save Group this way it will load instantly next time without going through all the above again.

Create chord track

Re-Route chord track to target track

Re-Channel target track if need be

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