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This will allow electronic song sections within a Biab song by muting Biab tracks with F5 or volume automation.
You can drag and drop Midi or Audio tracks/loops/section into it's tracks.
Any audio or midi item can be easily edited with non destructive editing.
You can add any VST/VSTi to the tracks in MuLab.
*It would work well from Biab DROP export if it did not have ^ in the rendered files "RealDrums NashvilleEven8^8", the other instruments drag in ok. You can highlight any section of chords on the chord sheet then drag the instrument or Master to DROP "+" to have the option of dry, center and flat.

EDIT: this works better if you just put the folder in C:\ root as it needs write access.
Extract the "MuLab PlugIn (64 bit)" from Zip to your VST2 64bit folder then right click on folder > Properties and un-check read only > Apply.
Go to Project > Open Demo for sample projects.
Make sure to enable "Host Sync" button top right (right click for options).
Ctrl+spacebar is not working properly at the moment to play from very start so to play from very start hit the <rewind button in MuLab first or click the cursor in the ACW or Audio Edit window at the very start then spacebar.
You can highlight a section on the chord sheet then loop play and it will follow.
For drag n drop set file browser to Run As Administrator if Biab is set to that.

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