A Build 2 Update is available for PowerTracks Pro Audio Version 2023

Download the build 2 update

Release Notes [Build 2] (June 28, 2023)

  • ADDED - checkbox in File Preferences that will enable the saving of all VSTi/DXi synth instances to .SEQ files even if they are in default slots.
  • FIXED - Small chance of an access violation occurring during Undo if the existing song had non-default DXi/VSTi synths.
  • FIXED - Very small chance of access violation when using metronome.
  • FIXED - MIDI submenu was showing up in the right-click menu of the Tracks Window when an audio track was clicked on.
  • FIXED - Auto-detection of guitar tracks in the Notation Window is now less likely to mistake a non-guitar track for a MIDI guitar track.
  • FIXED - When running in 4k, Tracks Window would not maximize fully
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