I have BIAB for Mac 2022 and I have the BIAB plugin loaded on a Logic Pro track. I am running Monterey on a MacStudio. I have the the latest version of Logic Pro installed. For some reason, I am unable to send MIDI from the BIAB plugin to another Logic Pro track. Specifically, I am trying to send the MIDI from a Bass MIDI track in the BIAB plugin to another Logic track where I have a virtual instrument loaded. Has anyone running Logic been able to do this?

There is a video PGMusic created:
that shows how to do this using the BIAB Mac version but with another DAW (Reaper). At 10:37 in the video, there is an explanation of how to do this. I have attempted to re-create what is being done in Reaper in Logic but cannot do it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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