I wonder if anyone has any experience with “Notation Composer 4” (notation software) and their BIAB Plugin integration, and if so could share some experience, pros and cons. Does it add anything useful?

I guess one benefit would be to be able to play and generate a song (and edit the score) from the music sheet notation of the midi from a real notation program rather than use the notation and edit window in BIAB and then have BIAB generate various types of arrangements while being able to modify and edit the score in the notation software but I am not really sure to what level it works or if it is at all useful.

I only have the demo version and it has a limited set of BIAB styles available. I have got it to work a few times but not all (still trying figure it out how it works). It seems that it integrates to the plugin but it does not open the Biab plugin window at all, so the work has to be done from the notation software itself.