Band-in-a-Box 2023 Build 707 update is available (Nov 3)

Band-in-a-Box 2023 Build 707 Update Patch Installer: (120 MB)

This includes DAW Plugin update to build 5.5.13.

Summary of changes for build 707

  • Fixed: Notation window looks like gibberish if using macOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed: Blank toggle buttons in Notation window if using macOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening Notation window if using macOS Sonoma.
  • Fixed: Drums VU meters might appear to be missing beats sometimes.
  • Fixed: Entering Notes in the Notation Window Ignores Accidentals in the Key Signature.
  • Fixed: Crash in StylePicker in some cases when building third party styles.
  • Updated: PDF Manual

Release notes - DAW Plugin 5.5.13 (Since 5.5.6)

  • Fixed: Local playback produces crackling in some cases
  • Fixed: Localized new strings
  • Fixed: Plugin is hidden while generating song in some DAWs (Cubase)
  • Fixed: "Chord Export" options (Count-In, Tempo Map) are not being saved
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting not working correctly for songs with more than 2 choruses
  • Fixed: Changing "Bar Offset" value does not immediately update
  • Fixed: Using "Bar Offset" while sending MIDI to synth produces buzzing sound

Summary of changes for build 706

  • Fixed: Songs weren't loading properly after using Freeze All.
  • Fixed: The Freeze All button might appear to be engaged when starting a new song.
  • Fixed: Updating the filter in the RealTracks picker was removing the currently selected RealTrack.
  • Fixed: Using Copy From/To always copies the Bar Lyrics, even if the Lyrics checkbox is unchecked.
  • Fixed: Undoing Copy From/To required 2 undo steps for lyrics.
  • Fixed: RealDrums shot & push decibel offsets settings were not working properly.
  • Fixed: Changing songs would auto-hide tracks in the Mixer when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed: [DAW Plugin] The Style Picker would fail to launch if the current style was missing on disk.

Release notes - DAW Plugin 5.5.6

  • Fixed: MicroChord label text is not visible
  • Fixed: Plugin not finding correct folder paths
  • Fixed: Plugin does not remember custom SavedTracks folder location
  • Fixed: Crash when attempting to generate after deleting saved folder paths file

Summary of changes for build 705

  • Fixed: Track Actions > Copy/Move Tracks did not work.
  • Fixed: Track Actions > Erase Track should erase style elements eg embedded RealTracks or RealDrums.
  • Fixed: Issues with "Auto Show/Hide Tracks When Starting Playback, or Changing Styles" setting.
  • Fixed: Possible "Unable to create file” errors for some users.
  • Fixed: Issues with selecting an audio input device in the Audio Settings dialog.
  • Fixed: Crash when using Convert Harmony to Melody Track.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when generating audio harmonies.
  • Fixed: Launching Band-in-a-Box with a song file in the Finder would not load the song.
  • Fixed: The track type selection in Notation Options was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Using kwik copy in the chord sheet might change the song title to “autosave”.
  • Fixed: User memos were not saving in the RealTracks picker.
  • Fixed: User memos were not saving in the RealDrums picker.
  • Fixed: Writing chords to a track sometimes used old chords.
  • Fixed: Dropping on the drop station would fail if the DragDrop folder was missing.
  • Fixed [DAW Plugin]: Selecting a custom RealDrums or RealTracks folder location might crash the program.
  • Fixed [DAW Plugin]: Custom RealTracks path is displaying in all caps in the rebuild dialog.

Release notes - DAW Plugin 5.5.2

  • Fixed: Plugin fails (crashes) auval tool (AU Validation)

Summary of changes for build 704: (April 28)

  • Fixed: Right-click did not select a list item in the StylePicker.
  • Fixed: Control-click in the StylePicker list would temporarily cause the mouse scroll wheel to stop working.
  • Fixed: Selecting a region beyond bar 67 did not update the Regenerate dialog.

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin 5.4.12: (April 27)

  • Fixed: Folder paths are using internal string "ignore"
  • Fixed: Text colour of folder paths do not change when changing colour scheme
  • Fixed: Plugin should check folder paths before calls to BBApp
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting glitch during count-in
  • Fixed: Song key is empty when first opening plugin

Summary of changes for build 703: (April 27)

  • Fixed: Possible crash when using the RealTracks picker.
  • Fixed: XtraStyles and XProStyles info buttons in Add-ons dialog linked to the wrong web page.
  • Fixed: Right-click did not select a list item in the RealTracks and RealDrums pickers.
  • Fixed: Titles window tempo filter menu not working.
  • Fixed: If no recent RD or RT, was not showing list of favorite RD/RT and recents.
  • Fixed: Styles with loops on utility tracks weren’t loading the loops track.
  • Fixed: StyleMaker list of tracks shows loops, non-drums tracks in the menu.
  • Fixed: RDPicker wasn’t adding to recently used RealDrums if track was not drums.
  • Fixed: [DAW Plugin] The plugin was not generating styles with synths properly (eg. SynthMaster plugin used in =PICNIC.STY).
  • Fixed: [DAW Plugin] Plugin StylePicker wasn’t highlighting the last style used.
  • Fixed: [DAW Plugin] Plugin wasn't using descriptive labels for styles from the StyleMaker.

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin 5.4.7: (April 27)

  • Fixed: Track icons not aligned
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting is off

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