This has been an issue for me for quite some time so I thought I'd reach out for some help. I'm starting to work a project where I''m using (RT 1265) Synth Pad, PopShiningsoft EV120. A sample chord progression is as follows:
Bar 1 C Cmaj
Bar 2 C6 CMaj
Bar 3 Dm Dm(maj7)
Bar 4 Dm7 G
Bar 5 C

What happens is you play the C and the Cmaj7 is in a higher octave, the the C6 may be in a lower octave. Same for the Dm run. I tried the chord builder with no results. In addition the chord transitions are choppy. Is there something I can do to make them smoother? I tried the reducing and increasing the volume between in the Audio Edit window. It worked so some degree it it took along time just to do two bars. Any ideas?
I would attach a sample but unfortunately , I haven't figured that out also.

Thanks for your help.

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