This tip came about from the forum discussion "New 2024 Products Revitalizing PG Music". New 2024 Products Revitalizing PG Music

Rather than have that discussion drift off topic, it's best to give this tip it's on platform. I've based my tip off of points from the Revitalizing discussion made by forum members Musocity, Jazzmammal and Rustyspoon#. The Revitalizing discussion details features that BIAB currently lacks in regard to BIAB tracks being used in a live playing mode rather than as pre-made backing tracks. For instance, BIAB having the ability to generate tracks instantly from an Arranger Keyboard's live playing. While BIAB doesn't currently have features to perform this task, Arranger Keyboards, particularly Yamaha brand arranger keyboards, do have the features to play a variety of audio, loops, and midi to their Styles that includes the ability to use BIAB generated RealTracks, SuperMidi, Midi, loops and Artist Performance audio files integrated into the Yamaha Style. The purpose of the pads are to give more expression to a live performance.

My 2023 version of Band in a Box 2023 for Windows has 10,656 Styles, with 3000+ being midi; 3,720 RealTracks; 3,700 hours of studio recordings; 1021 percussion and loops; 292 Midi Super Tracks;300+ midi soloist; 200+ melodist; providing thousands of hours of audio or midi and instruments to sample to use live in the Yamaha PSR keyboards.

This BIAB feature doesn't have the restrictions and limitations that comes with regular backing tracks. A click is not required and the samples can be used repeatedly with variations rather than repeating the same sample over and over.

In the forum discussion "New 2024 Products Revitalizing PG Music", Musocity posted an image of a product named "Instant Track Creator". Jazzmammal details how he uses his Korg PA4X. Rustyspoon# gives a good summary of the issue with regard to BIAB current limitations.

My tip replaces the Instant Track Creator with a Yamaha Keyboard. The Instant Track Creator has 22 selections to create BIAB generations of various song sections. A Yamaha PSR Keyboard can use Registration Memory Buttons and Multi Pads in place of Instant Track Creator buttons to contain BIAB generated audio, midi or loops of these various song sections and components.

A bank of Registration Memory has 8 registration buttons. Each button can be programed to many different parameters of the keyboard with the important ones to this tip is controlling the four Multi Pads.

Using all eight buttons of a Registration bank provides 32 Multi Pad slots to hold BIAB samples.

There are four banks of Registration Buttons where each bank can program four buttons of Multi Pads; So a single song can have up to 128 BIAB samples of the 22 selections named in the Instant Track Creator.

Storage is not an issue because Registration data can be placed on an external thumb drive.

Audio files recognized by PSR Keyboards are 44.1/16 WAV which is the same format as BIAB audio files.

Depending on the complexity of registration and multi pad programing, a single 8 registration button - 4 multi pad button configuration can be designed for up to 32 songs or for up to 32 sections of a single song. Or, any combination between these extremes.

Using an average of 24MB of sample data per song and using Musocity's 22 selections, 200 songs can be saved on a $5 32GB flash drive. There are unlimited possibilities to insert BIAB generated samples, soloist, instruments, percussions, riffs and more into a live playlist of the Yamaha Arranger Workstation Keyboards and other brands that have similar registration/multi pad capability.

I've added a link to a one minute demo of a Yamaha song demonstration played live, of one registration button controlling two multi pad buttons of vocal audio samples.

This second link is a tutorial and demo of programming a Multi Pad.
How to use Multi Pad in Yamaha PSR


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Instant Track Creator

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