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Joined: Dec 2023
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I'd like to learn how specific (and different) scales sound when used over particular chords and chord progressions.

That is, ideally, I'd like to be able to type in or open a chord progression, and for each measure, be presented with a list of possible scales to use (from most obvious/traditional to more obscure "out there" choices), and then have BB generate solos using notes ONLY from that particular a way to train my ear as to how scale choice affects the overall sound of a solo. Now I can do this very very slowly - but so slowly that I lose the forest for the trees. I'd like to hear BB do it in real time with high quality and work up toward that quality.

If not - are there any other programs that can do this ?

As always - TIA

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Not sure if this fully answers your question, but information from the integrated help:
Generate Scales

The Scale Wizard allows you to easily generate scales, which appear as notation on the Soloist track. Options include Instrument Range, Patch Selection, Jazzy Mode (will use Lydian dominant scales for some 7th chords), and Diatonic Mode (keeps scales relative to the song key).

You can access this feature from the Soloists | Scale submenu. The menu item Generate Scales opens the dialog, which allows you to set options for scales that will be generated. If Auto-Generate Scales when play pressed is checked, scales will be automatically generated when a song is played. You can view the scales in the notation and the on-screen guitar and piano.

Scale Direction - When playing a new scale, either start on the root of the scale (going up), or start with the closest scale tone (moving up or down). The two modes are:

1. Ascending. The scales will always start on the root that is in the octave above the Lowest Note that is set, and will play in ascending order.

2. Walking. The scales will start on the nearest scale tone to the previous tone that was played. The notes will ascend to the Highest Note setting, and then descend (by scale tones) down to the Lowest Note.

Write to Track: Choose Melody or Soloist track to write the scales to

Lowest Note is the lowest note to play for any scale. C5 (note 60) is middle C.

Highest Note is the highest note to play, used when the scale direction is up and down (Walking).

Scale Tones Diatonic To Key Signature: If diatonic, minor scales will be according to the key (VI minor is Aeolian etc.). Otherwise all minors will be Dorian.

Use Jazz Scales: If set, will use Lydian b7 chords. Chords like Bb7 in the key of C will have Lydian b7 scales (i.e. A#4 in the scale).

Patch: Send this MIDI patch (instrument) when playing the scale.

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Joined: Apr 2011
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You are essentially talking about learning modes. I would say this. "Set your chord progression to play in a loop and just experiment with playing scales using those modes."

This is all really just experimentation. There are no rules. You play what sounds good to your ear since it's your song. Put accidentals in where "they" say naturals belong. Flat a note "they" think shouldn't be flatted. Rely less on tools and use your fingers and your ears.

Remember one thing. The sense of accomplishment is supposed to belong to you, not a tool that did the work for you. I used to tell a joke in my routine about "Self Help" books. If you read something in a book and do what the book tells you to do, doesn't that make it "book help"? You didn't help yourself. You let the book automate you and convince you that you are helping yourself.

Joe, as I tell many others, the way to learn music is to learn music. You are retired now. That would imply that you are also in the age range that is considered "senior". That means you can audit college classes for free. Do you have any colleges near you? Go audit a music theory class. If I recall you are in NY somewhere. I'm guessing a state that size will have colleges of every level just about anywhere. You don't have to go to Juliard. "Bob's College" teaches the exact same scales and modes as Juliard and Berklee. Once oy learn the basics like the steps of a scale much will become clear.

I heard you say you are now "free", meaning retired. July was 10 years since I retired, and it is glorious. Retiree is the best job I ever had. Retirement gives us time to do things we want to do. For you that is learning music. So just do it. You won't learn working theory in a week or two, but in 6-8 weeks you should have a working grasp of what a major scale is relative to a minor scale (modes), why chords work together (circle of 5ths) and possibly (and I suggest this) follow up that 12 weeks of a theory class with a music appreciation class (which is widely misunderstood by most) where you will hear how those basic building blocks apply.

I once "acquired" a full copy of the score to Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (A Little Night Music). I went to see The Cleveland Orchestra perform it at our outdoor venue called Blossom Music Center. I spread out a blanket on the lawn seating, opened up the suitcase, and followed along as they played. A woman behind me tapped my shoulder at intermission between the 2nd and 3rd movement and said "You actually know what all that means, don't you?" while pointing to the music. I just smiled and said "Yeah I've been doing this for a long time." She then said "I always wanted to learn how to play piano." I paused and said "And? Go learn. You want to wait until your deathbed and say you always wanted to learn how to play piano? (Pointing to the stage) Not one of those people up there came from the womb knowing how to play. They all had a day one. So when is YOUR day 1?" She asked if I could recommend a teacher. I handed her a card and said "Call me tomorrow and we can talk about it then." She called me. I found out where she lived, suggested exactly what I said to you. Go take a music fundamentals class. THEN after you see the ins and outs decide if it's for you. She went to community college for 2 quarters, then on to a private teacher, and a year later called me again to tell me she is now playing piano reasonably well enough to play at family gatherings.

That should be your story. Now go tell it.

Software won't do it for you. We, by forum postings, CAN'T do it for you.

I am using the new 1040XTRAEZ form this year. It has just 2 lines.

1. How much did you make in 2023?
2. Send it to us.
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Joined: Dec 2003
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I agree with Eddie. As Niki would say "Just Do It"!

My goal this weekend is to move just enough each day so that no one pokes me to see if I'm dead or not.

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