Sonible makes a suite of inexpensive plugins that use AI to get you very quickly to a useable mix. Some of the names are PureLimit, PureVerb, PureEQ for $25 each, which is half price. The higher end products such as TrueLevel, TrueBalance are a bit more, $35 each (also half price), and the higher end products like SmartComp and SmartLevel are at $65 each (also half the normal price). Several combinations (bundles) are 40% off.

Try the free 30-day demos.

As a composer, I need to be able to get demos out the door quickly that we will play soon in a concert or church service, and these tools are the best I've used to do that. Position the cursor at an appropriate point in the song, click on one button, and the plugin analyzes the song to adjust it in a way that is always very close to what used to take a long time. I can usually accept the sound as-is or make one or (at most) two quick adjustments in level to get a sound I'm comfortable with. Is this the final mastering tool for a commercial recording? Probably not. But if you want almost immediate substantial improvement in a limiter, a reverb, a compressor, an EQ, and a few other things, I highly recommend these tools that use AI. I started with just the limiter but soon bought others. I have no connection to this company.

Most are now on sale for half what I was happy to pay last summer.

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