RealBand 2024 Build 3 patch is available:

Summary of fixes since Build 1:

  • FIXED - When UseElastique is unchecked and time stretching or pitch shifting was enabled, the audio was severely distorted
  • FIXED - Expired program error.
  • FIXED - a few additional language strings added to the resource file
  • FIXED - Track Name for RealDrums could show incorrect RealDrums name when loading in an SGU or MGU
  • FIXED - Track Name for RealDrums could have a blank RealDrums name when loading in an SGU or MGU with frozen RealDrums.
  • FIXED - small chance of access violation when loading in an MGU or SGU when Auto Generation enabled in song settings.
  • FIXED - The dialog for the command to Copy or Move highlighted section of current track to new track will now be launched closer to the mouse cursor position rather than always launching on the left of the screen.
  • FIXED - selecting an audio port for a track will now update the mixer if the Hide extra auxes/masters checkbox is enabled.
  • FIXED - the toolbar buttons in Audio Edit window, or the Edit VST/DX & Apply Cat FX buttons in the Tracks Window could sometimes get the focus and interfere with keystrokes.
  • FIXED - recording of mixer moves for the masters/subgroups wasn't working
  • ADDED - If there's a problem running BBW2, more details will be displayed that could be helpful in diagnosing the issue.
  • ADDED - if the version of BBW2 doesn't match the version of RB, a message will appear
  • ADDED - New right-click menu item in the Tracks Window to launch the Style Picker
  • ADDED - Hints and english resource strings added.

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