I posted this here for users to try Guitar, Acoustic, Nylon Multi Ev8 120
how Biab 2024 works now allows you to change UserTracks at any bar/beat along with Edit Riff function in the Tracks window to give way more control and customization allowing you to change any section you don't like.
The test UserTrack had just limited chords of Maj minor dim Maj7 m7 7 m7b5.

What I'm looking for is feedback as to if it's worth making any more of these, with more patterns, more material and more chords, what instruments, tempos and what chords would need to be included ??
If they are stereo tracks like keyboards they will be double the size, maybe these could be uploaded as midi and the users could render them themselves using any VSTi they like to wav as PG have no MidiUsersTracks YET.