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Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database
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Joined: Aug 2014
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I have an idea,but not quite sure how you would go about this for efficiency.

About half the time I post in the showcase, I can think of a Band that (or a song even) that it reminds me of. (The other half of the time it is just "David Snyder Crazy Style" stuff.)

This is the reverse of what is being asked for here, but it may help over time.

I think most writers would hate to say "My song sounds like Yellow Submarine" for various reasons, but they may say "Sounds like psychedelic Beatles." Or "Sounds like Buddy Holly," or whatever, depending on the style they found.

This "human ear" reaction is more accurate than Stylepicker, I imagine.

Most of the time, I am searching for an artist, or artist era style, and if I have enough choices of artist and era I can take it from there.,

SO, if there were a place where people could reference a specific style and enter in "sounds like" [e.g. early Genesis] on this website, so it becomes part of a searchable database, that might be more helpful and less frustrating for folks.

There are some styles on here that sound exactly like Joshua Tree era U2, for example. Or exactly like Dire Straits. These have been used a million times.

But If the people styles and studying styles as they searched captured these "Aha" moments for other artists, that would be really powerful. Later on down the road, AI could use this data base to make extrapolations.

Ever seen this y'all????

I would love to hear folks, for example, do this for specific modern country artists with styles and songs.

So, in this order, some or all of this info:

1.) Genre

2.) Artist

3.) Era

4.) Song if you can think of one

5.) Tempo/Feel (or both)

Enter this into a database entry site to be provided by PG Music as you run across cool styles you like while searching.

I won't take that much effort, and if 30,000 people collaborated over time, you would have something.

Just a thought.

Songs to add to Band-in-a-Box Titles database
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Joined: Jun 2020
Posts: 2,131
I think this is a good idea and I'm sure there are several ways to achieve greater accuracy for the target sound one has in mind.

One approach is to feed a subroutine a sample audio file of the sound you want and let AI do the rest.

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For me there’s no better place in the band than to have one leg in the harmony world and the other in the percussive. Thank you Paul Tutmarc and Leo Fender.
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