I have found that PowerTracks ( and BIAB - if the 'Open midi file' command is used) is far ahead of the big boys in notation (Sibelius and Finale) in intelligently (and automatically) splitting a midi file of a piano perfrmance into right and left hands. I have used PT for the last few years to produce over 200 transcriptions of improvised jazz piano performances, and posted them on Youtube (user name - jazz2511). https://www.youtube.com/user/jazz2511 and on my website http://www.bushgrafts.com

While the transcriptions can be made quite readable on video , particularly with the help of a view of the piano keyboard added, they fall short of the really professional scores that can be produced in Sibelius or Finale - having several voices on the one stave, the ability to show grace notes etc.

It seems that the ability to save notation as Music xml would bring PG music products into line with these other notation programs so that interchange can occur between programs.

I really wish ......