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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
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nonchai Offline OP
OP Offline
Joined: Apr 2010
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there are a gazillion YouTube jazz "music-playalong" channels which are little more than jazz standards rendered in BIAB - often with a video of the song chart chords as in BB,. But even if it was just the audio it's super easy to tell when a YouTube content creator has created their jazz backing tracks in BIAB instead ofby themselves using real double bassists - WHY? because the way BIAB stitches to gather real tracks MIDI bass parts fails to replicate how a real pro does it.

here is Woody

PG - plea finally fix this, maybe doable via neural nets LLMs etc now ?

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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
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Joined: Jan 2015
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My suspicion about why arranger keyboards don't do it well even when pre-programmed with the changes, is that the sequencer just sends each chord into the arranger engine at the right time ... the arranger engine remains without the "coming up next" cue.

It's harder to understand/appreciate why BIAB may not do well as it might, because it does know what and when the next chord will be wanted. Maybe it's just an expectation thing. Possibly even knowing the chords remains limiting because the chords don't say where the melody will go, though contra-motion is common enough. There are supposedly walking bass styles and "Chord Options" which specify walking bass. I have to say that I personally haven't thought very much about how well the bass behaves/responds.

I really think this doesn't need neural-networks, LLMs or any AI-type tools as the sequences are generally pretty logical.

Jazz relative beginner, starting at a much older age than was helpful.
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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
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Joined: Jul 2000
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I think register jumping is the primary reason someone might complain about the bass line constructed by BIAB.

When you stitch together snippets of audio of varying lengths, how can the program know that the bass line ended on a low pitch, but the next snippet has the bass in a higher register?

Although I cannot play bass, I have played the bass book in a show using my wind controller. Ironically, if I hit the wrong octave button, all too easy to do on my old Yamaha wind controller, I get the same problem I described above. The note choice is right, but the pitch is not, because I'm in the wrong octave.

User Dzjang (spelling?) has made some technical posts here about what the bass chooses to play on complex jazz tunes, based on some careful testing. I think there is an issue there as well.

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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
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Joined: Jun 2020
Posts: 2,238
I'm actually impressed by what today's arranger keyboards can do. But I can also understand that accomplished musicians want even more. And in the coming years they will get more.

Composing on an arranger keyboard and seamlessly transferring an arrangement to your DAW for further production is likely coming soon. It’s not hard to imagine a keyboard that would allow the musician to compose a complete song by typing-in or voice activating a chord progression. He would then choose from a variety of AI-assisted styles and genres.
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Band-in-a-Box Wishlist
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Joined: Apr 2017
Posts: 1,281
This is one area where AI is likely to improve performance.

Straight “if this, then that” machine programming cannot know what experienced bassists will choose otherwise.

Although I’ll have a bass track when I export my BIAB projects, it’s never the one that the final version will have—ever. I’ve been playing since 1966, professionally since 1969. If I insert a little of, say… the Prometheus Overture or Sousa into a country or metal track, I know why it sounds good but there’s no machine or AI that could anticipate that.

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