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#776516 09/20/23 08:24 AM
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Joined: May 2023
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WaoBand Offline OP
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Joined: May 2023
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Primary YouTube Link:

This track is the first of two instrumental versions of a song I wrote way back in 1974 and it's first online use was as the 2nd of 2 soundtrack tracks on the following YouTube video:

Piano: Solo Acoustic Piano Ballad John Jarvis
Organ: Dreamy Pop Quintet Gene Rabai
Tenor saxophone: Slow Country Pop w/ Tenor Solo Mark Douthit
Guitar Modern Groove Soloist, Brit Rock Dave Clevelnad
Bass guitar: Dreamy Pop Quintet Tobin Frank
Drums: Ditto Brian Fullen

136 bars; 4/4 G; tempo 125; Time 4:29
I prefer mixing the tracks in Audacity

SoundCloud Link:

Some favourite Waoist Adages:
#1: Play on the Way.
#17: Ask not for whom the flower blooms, it blooms for you.
#69: Bring consciousness to it.
#74: On the road to effortlessness, effort must be made.
#105: Be Love Now, the rest will come on its own.
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Joined: Sep 2016
Posts: 2,360
Hello WaoBand,

Your V1 is a most entertaining video and a gorgeous band.
I enjoyed watching and following the development in Casanova's life.
It took some time, but the story was very entertaining.
And a (somewhat) happy end for all.

The music was very nice. It sounded not so prominent, but it was really good.
I wondered, while watching, how you came to this way of making a song and that story, with nice drawings by the way.
It is very creative!

I think I also have to watch V2,
but, as I said, V1 was very nice,


Hans Berkhout
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Joined: May 2023
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WaoBand Offline OP
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Joined: May 2023
Posts: 615
Thanks for your very positive comment, Hans, it's much appreciated.

The story behind "The Legend of the Casanova Rova" is that way back in 1974 I wrote a song called "Casanova Rava" in what I used to call an 'art deco' music style, the first line of the song being, "You're my tutti-frutti beauty, my peach melba supreme"! I still have an audio tape recording of it being sung by myself and a friend, me just playing guitar, and it's a lot of fun, but even with tidying up the sound quality wasn't good enough on its own to post, so I came up with the video idea of the Casanova Rova finally finding his one true love, which the song is about. The visual in my videos are CGI 3D modelling images, which I do in Daz Studio, which is a sort of visual parallel to BiaB in that one can purchase props, clothing, hairstyles, various environments, etc, just as in BiaB one purchases music samples. I design/morph my own characters, so I decided I'd do a video of the same four wearing different eras of dress. I'm also a writer so once I'd begun the story it more or less wrote itself. The current "Casanova Rova" video is a shorter, edited version of the original which was a lot longer, had an unsatisfactory ending - a rushed end as the end I originally wanted would have meant making the video a lot longer - and was followed by my 1974 recording of the song, that also increasing the video length. So I eventually decided I'd redo the whole videos, skip the song at the end and make shorter version, but even the length it now is means it doesn't get many views.

I'm pleased you liked "Baby Be Mine Tonight V1" (an instrumental version of another song I wrote in 74). I'll post the "V2" in a few weeks time, but as you liked the BiaB band, today I'm uploading a new track, "Aya Rocks V2", with the same line-up plus a rhythm guitarist. Re the "CR" video, the blonde lady is my Aya CGI character, though in the "Aya Rocks" videos she's actually a brunette.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Some favourite Waoist Adages:
#1: Play on the Way.
#17: Ask not for whom the flower blooms, it blooms for you.
#69: Bring consciousness to it.
#74: On the road to effortlessness, effort must be made.
#105: Be Love Now, the rest will come on its own.
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