I use two settings to maximise the display of 'Bar Lyrics' text.

  • Minimise the number of lines of chords that are available on-screen.
  • Increase the font size of the bar-lyrics text.

The below was assembled using BIAB 2018 (Windows edition).

Minimise lines of chord display
See IMAGE 1 below

1. Open Display Options.

2. Disable "Auto-adjust # rows" (#2 on IMAGE 1)

3. Set the maximum number of rows visible on-screen (#3). (I suggest 4 - 6)

Increase font size of bar-lyrics
See IMAGE 2 below

4. Click on the dropdown menu (#4 on IMAGE 2) and select "Bar-lyrics layer" (#5).

5. Select "Choose Font" (#6).

6. Select a font (#7) (or leave as is if you like the present font) and select a font size (#8).

7. 'OK' your way out of the windows and back to the chordsheet.

The bar-lyrics text should now be showing at the newly selected font-size and adjusted by the number of rows of visible chords (IMAGE 3).


bar lyrics font size 1.JPG

Description: IMAGE 1... adjusting number of rows of chords visible on-screen

bar lyrics font size 4.JPG

Description: IMAGE 2... adjusting bar-based lyrics font and font size

bar lyrics font size 5.JPG

Description: IMAGE 3... what the new font size looks like on-screen