Here's a song about growing older - hope you enjoy. All RT's in BIAB and mixed to a Tascam DP-008. Thanks for listening...


There was a girl with shimmering hair
Sometimes her name escapes me
She was always running through the falling rain
How long would it take her to love me
Slow and easy as a river winds
Those days play out around me
The warm north wind is leaving again
And the days of autumn surround me

Goodbye, Silver Girl, we've come to the end of our world
So long, Silver Girl, I'm glad we gave it a whirl

Silent strangers and early days
A well worn welcome home
The ghost of your love still lingers on
Like a slow burning candle at dawn
Storm warnings and sinking ships
We never heeded with much precision
Finding home sweet home and naming the dog
Those were the big decisions

Chorus: repeat

Two rivers and a summer dance
Someone that I used to know
Now the best days that I can remember
Is when we'd take the long way home
Sometimes there is a voice I hear in my head
Like you're calling from a telephone
And it follows me down the long hallway
So I am not traveling alone

Chorus: repeat
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