Hi Martin,

Wow! This is a very engaging song. I love the groove. I think it was around about bar 4 when I noticed that my fingers were tapping on the desk and my foot was tapping away on the floor.

I completely agree with you about mixing and mastering. It's a tough, tough job! For me, that's the part of the song that takes ages. One of things that I found about mixing (I picked up from Mac on the forums here) is to mix at volumes that are on the quiet side. This has worked a treat for me. Mostly, I'll mix a song with the volumes a little quieter than normal conversation. Then, every now and again, I'll turn the mix up a bit to see how it sounds. Doing it this way has really reduced aural fatigue. I've also found it very important to leave the mix alone and to rest for a couple of days. When I return to the mix after not having heard it for a while, I can hear much more objectively for the first couple of run-throughs.

I'm just passing on the above in case it's useful for you!

I'm going back for a second listen now.

All the best,