Hi Noel,

I thank you so much for trying to help me on this, but I'm afraid I'm already losing the will to live.
And for someone like me, who has very little already, that's dangerous ground.

I tried the settings you suggested using the ASIO thingy and I just get no sound at all.

I had already found those videos on youtube and I'm sure they are excellent for someone who enjoys working with these things. I just don't have the patience.

I use BIAB because it's what I understand and enjoy working with. It's like working with other musicians. It deals with beats, bars, chords and instruments. And I understand and enjoy that.

This DAW business loses me completely. All I really wanted to do was find some way of simply recording my vocal and backing vocals directly to my PC as separate tracks so that I could take advantage of the software out there capable of putting the final polish to my vocals.

I've always hated and been disappointed with the quality of sound on my vocals which is made worse when I hear from other excellent posters on here what can be achieved.

Guess it might be easier for me to scrub this idea altogether and have my songs recorded at a pro studio.

I am honestly grateful for the help you and all have given me on here but right now I am moments away from taking a hammer to the lot!!!!! No joke!!

I haven't recorded a new song for months, tho I've written so many, and it's getting really frustrating!!

As someone said: "God give me patience............but hurry!!"
Music is what feelings sound like.