Well, here I go!! - This is a guitar Instrumental and is my first foray into what I hope is a C&W style. I'm a Brit and it's not my usual playing style or genre so if I've got it hopelessly wrong – then be gentle with me.
I'm using BIAB2013EverythingPak which has been a bit of a culture shock, having upgraded from BIAB2008!!!
Been a bit like a Kiddie in a Sweetie Shop!
Anyway - any hips and tints that you can offer me would be greatly appreciated.

DRUMS – Nashville Even8^8, Hi-hat0, Ride
BASS – 519 – Bass, Electric,Pop half notes, EV 120
GUITAR – 522 – Guitar, acoustic, fingerpicking, EV120
GUITAR – 406 - Guitar, acoustic, strumming, EV136
GUITAR – 408 – Guitar, Resonator, Background, Allis EV120
PEDAL STEEL – 621 – Pedal Steel, Background, Easy EV136
PEDAL STEEL – 1669 – Pedal Steel, Soloist, CountryPaul, EV120
PEDAL STEEL – 612 – Pedal Steel,Background, Opry SW130
also included was 543 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dreamy EV120 but it didnt make it to the final Mix.


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