I take a long time writing songs. So in lue of a newly written one I pulled this out of mothballs and worked it up with BIAB in order to my hands in it.

Far ago and long away I wrote this as a writing exercise. The idea was to write an Eagles style sequel to Lying Eyes. It was clear the girl wasn’t going to give up the rich lifestyle with the “man with hands as cold as ice”. So my song In The Heart of Lonely Town, is from the point of view of a friend of the guy who had the affair with the Lying Eyes girl.

All RealTracks and mixed with Cakewalk Home Studio. https://soundcloud.com/austin51/in-the-heart-of-lonely-town

Drums: Nashville Even 8
Bass #521 Electric Pop Syncopated
Electric Guitar: #850 Rhythm Nashville Pop Clean
Electric Guitar: #1435 Rhythm Jazz Funk Groovin Chords
Acoustic Guitar: #405 Strumming
Acoustic Guitar: #1119 12-Stirng Strumming
Pedal Steel: #1669 Soloist Country Paul
Style: C-GIRL–Contemporary Country

In the Heart of Lonely Town

A soft breeze blows through the window
Shadows climbing up the wall
You stare at the ceiling as the sun goes down
Deep in the heart of lonely town

You found out she was always lying (She was lying)
You could see it in her eyes (In her lying eyes)
Still you kept falling until you hit the ground
Right in the heart of lonely town

She promised to leave him forever
But her lust for the finer things wouldn’t let her

In the street music is playing
Anticipation in the air
Go out and find true love, stop hanging around
Down in the heart of lonely town