That's a pretty cool tune Robert,

I have a bit of constructive feed back so if you're not into that, just ignore me... it's hard for me to listen to stuff w/o commenting though.

It sounds to me like your voice and the music aren't in the same 'room'. Your vocal track is VERY good, I'm just talking about the reverb etc.

IMO to fix it you probably have to render out the BIAB track w/o reverb and then put an overall reverb on the mix w/ your voice, maybe even applying a little more to your voice than the rest of the track.

Also, with this type of track I sure wouldn't feel afraid to apply some interesting effects to your voice, IE distortion/filters/flange/phase etc, maybe even run it through a virtual guitar amp.

It's a good tune. I really enjoyed it... just can't help commenting.


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