This tune is based on a set of changes by guitarist Pat Martino written more than 40 years ago, showing just how far ahead of his time Pat was. His biography at describes the nearly fatal brain aneurism that totally erased his ability to play the instrument, and his personal and musical reconstruction. I cannot recall the original name of the tune, which I have entitled "Predator," nor anything more than the snippet of melody stated at the beginning of the second chorus.

The song has an interesting metric structure (2 measures of 7/4 followed by 1 measure of 2/4) for 18 measures per chorus. It also has an interesting harmonic structure (it is based on just one chord type: tonic(major triad) / bII. The form I/bII is moved among several tonics, with the 2/4 section serving as a two-beat chromatic approach from below. Because I/bII has so many interpretations (it underlies I7b9, IIIm#5/bII, bIII13b9/bII, Vm7b9, VI7#9, b7dim7/bII, etc.). For examples, D can be used as the tonic in "Predator," so I/bII becomes D/Eb, IIIm#5/bII means F#m#5/Eb, etc. In chorus 5 I play 13sus over D/Eb (C13sus = F/Bb = mIII/bV, which explains why D minor lines sound right).

Lots of space has been given to just chords so you can hear the entire progression, but the main purpose is to spotlight ReakTracks superdrummer Terry Clark (RealDrums Fusion, busy). "Predator" has a panicky, urgent motion - think of a human target pursued in the dark by some unimaginable terror. The only RealTracks artist on the track, Terry gives The Predator its relentless drive - hungry and pitiless. The reason that Terry is the only RT artist is that other RT soloists - and I've tried enough of them to know - just can't cut it on this one. Aleck Rand plays 12-string electric guitar, bass, and Rhodes piano.

Experience the hunt here:

PS If you're interested in how to set up 7/4 - 2/4 time in BIAB, just ask.

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