Hi Don,

It's simple. One possibility is to pull down the Edit menu, select Set Time Signature, and then click in the radio button that says 7/4. But this may not produce the results that you want. That happened to me, forcing me to do it a different way:

Start with any BIAB style in 4/4 time. Right click on the first measure and select Bar Settings. A dialogue box will appear. In the extreme upper left hand corner is a box labelled "# beats this bar." The default value usually seen is 0. The maximum value you can replace the 0 with is 4, i.e., if you try 7 you'll get an error message notifying you of this fact. So, highlight the 0, type 4 and then click OK. Next, right click on the second measure, select Bar Settings, and in the same place change the value to 3. Click OK. You now have what amounts to one measure with 7 beats. For as many measures as you like in 7/4 time, highlight the two measures just created, copy, then continue to paste. All the modified information is preserved in the copy-paste process. If you want to change any of these measures to, say, 2/4, just use Bar Settings and replace the value 4 or 3 with 2, then click OK.

The advantage of this method is that you can use different A or B substyles for each measure to force the drummer to use fills before the measures you want. That's how I got Terry Clarke to produce that hyperactive drum background. I had A and B markers at virtually every measure except at the fade out ending, where you'll hear the drums settle into a steady rhythm. I know that RealDrums and midi handle these adjustments without problems. I haven't tried it with RealTracks yet, but I suspect that the same success will occur in that case too.

Why not give it a try and let me know how you made out.

With kind regards,
Aleck Rand

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