Hi Bud and Janice,

It always perks me up to listen to your songs. I saw this one when it first popped up in the forum but circumstances at the time didn't allow me to have a listen, so I saved it up for when could just put my feet up, close my eyes and enjoy the experience

... and I REALLY enjoyed it!

Bud: when I read that you struggled with lyrics, I had to flick my eyes back to make sure I'd read right. These lyrics are excellent. In fact, I suspect a number of forum members who have just finished the Pat Pattison course would look at these lyrics and see how they exemplify creating emotion through use of Pat's "stable versus unstable" principle. For example, the consonance rhyme of verse 1 (i.e. the final "n" on the weak syllable of 'Mountain', 'forgotten', 'jasmine') is very "unstable" and it establishes excellent lyric emotion that colours everything else that follows. You set the tone of the song incredibly well with verse 1. Whatever you might think, there's no denying that you have a great ear for lyrics.

Janice: once again the clarity and tone of your voice works its magic. I never ever tire of hearing your sing.

Ok, I'm ready for the next one now!