I don't want to hijack your thread, but I can't resist the urge to project how other forum participants MIGHT have done this song:
She would have developed the disappointment for the 1st half of the song, but the 2nd half would have been about a new perspective and how she learned from the experience and successfully moved on with her life

Noel would explode if he tried to write this song. It would be like placing two incompatible chemicals in the same container.

It would be about a robot who developed emotions that he wasn't programmed to deal with. There would be an underlying track of a well-known classical piece that fit perfectly with your chords. All the embellishments would be stuff that none of us would have thought of. When we heard his version, we would all spontaneously want to get up and dance to it

I'd do a straight note-for-note cover after importing your ripped MP3 into RealBand, extracting the chords, then merging your original song with a combination of real tracks and my own playing.

ROG (and company)
He'd turn it into a full-blown 80s production with lush backing vocals, highly processed effects and superbly mixed tracks. When we heard it, there would be an inclination to wonder if the singer might be Phil Collins

it will become a bluegrass song, and the roles would be reversed. Janice would be singing the girl's perspective of why she's unattainable to the guy. After hearing this totally believable version, the audience will understand completely why its obvious that such a girl would not date that guy. The backing tracks will be masterfully assembled by Bud to create the desired mood. It will sound like a killer band playing, and even people who don't normally listen to bluegrass will love the song.

hah! Who needs lyrics? this song should be an instrumental with lots of killer guitar licks

It would be a "down home" country version, portraying a middle aged son telling his mother over dinner why he isn't married yet. There would be some discussion about why she shouldn't be looking for grand-babies anytime soon. Mama won't understand

I don't know. Kevin always surprises me. But I'm pretty sure it would have a 70s feel to it, and hearing his version would make me think of Neil Young

He'd make it an historically accurate portrayal of an impossible liaison between the queen's gardener and his regal objet d'amour. Style would be Celtic and the singing will be awesome. The gardener gets his head chopped off in the end for daring to love the queen.

it would be a spiritual metaphor with the concluding point that family values and faith in God are what make life worth living. Production would be as good as or better than anything on any CD you currently possess.

very similar to the original, but there would be mention made of cajun cooking. And he'd end up playing it live at least 50 times per year.

the scenario for the song would be a French Bistro, and the players would be a lonely American businessman in Europe on business and a lovely waitress who's out of his league. Too much french wine, too much time on his hands, too much regret, too little romance. But you'd only know that from the CD liner notes, because the song would be an instrumental jazz piece. The background noises will make the setting totally believable.

Awesome chordal jazz guitar playing, so far removed from the original song that unless you knew it was supposed to be the same song you'd never guess. But the signature licks would be interwoven into the guitar tapestry, and if you really paid attention you might notice that it bears some resemblance to Eddies version. Pat would feebly try to disguise his guitar-envy by ineffectually challenging him on some moot point.

He and Josie would portray both roles and turn it from 1st person narrative into a real-time dialogue between both characters. At the end of the song, the listener won't know whether the girl ditches the guy or stays. Unresolved conflict is a powerful way to keep us interested.

(sub)standard disclaimer:
this is just a lame attempt at humor, with the true intent being to pay homage to a few of the many contributors to this forum who have repeatedly and predictably WOWed me with their submissions. Although it might look like I'm stereotyping your styles, I'm really just trying to note something recognizeable about you and something you've posted in the past. I hope you find it amusing and not offensive

Apologies to anyone I omitted.. there just isn't time to skewer everybody. wink

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