I approach songwriting from a perspective that is based on this statement:

A song is a story set to music.

Given that, then you have to focus in on a story. Sometimes stories are about adopting a puppy. Sometimes they are 14 years later when that puppy dies. Point being, depending on the catalyst, songs are happy or sad.

The first batch of songs, which included The One That Got Away, Do It All Again and Lie To Myself, were born after a girl I was quite fond with dumped me after a short but intense relationship. There are not a lot of ways to tell that story "happy". The batch in the middle, which included Believe and Good Things Come, WERE "happy". One was intended to be motivational, the other was "The future will be brighter".

This last could, From A Distance and Wasting My Time, are about wanting something and not being able to have it, and you have to accept it and watch from a distance. Again, how can I tell that "happy"?

The one in the hopper now is Even If I Did. It's about "well, it doesn't matter even if I did" tell you something. More upbeat tempo, but lyrics born from frustration.

I'm glad you don't have a barn too.

I think part of the Rog connection is that we are very close in age and taste in the music we draw from. I came up listening to "stadium rock" kind of stuff like Pink Floyd and ELP, very elaborate production, drawn out storytelling.... I absolutely hated what commercial radio did to Pink Floyd music, cutting their songs into short chunks because music is, after all, just what you listen to between the commercials. I don't listen to the radio because of that. Rog also has an amazing well of talent and he is willing to let others drink from it. I get quality work, his kids get more experience, and everybody wins.
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