I agree, there is no way to tell those stories without the connected emotion. But why would you? Its that very emotion that drives the song! And you do that so well! What may have come across as a criticism is really sideways praise. As I've said many times, you are a talented guy.

And I couldn't agree more about ROG. I love everything he submits. His interpretaion of your compositions always adds something new without taking anything good away from the original. You two are a good team.

I'm glad you're back. You add something irreplaceable and highly entertaining to the forum. Your verbal wit is legendary.

And it would be exactly 3:34 and have no reverb....


In defense of Kevin, he's been hanging in a bunch of songwriter's forums for quite a while, and he has zeroed in on his own set of techniques. I'd say his formula works well for him.

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