An epic track from my pal Eddie!

The SEQ file ftp'd it's way across the Atlantic a couple of days ago and we're starting to assemble some voices for the massive choir which Eddie asked for. Pity that it arrived at the start of a holiday week and in the middle of the exam period, but we'll get onto it pretty soon.

I love Eddie's songs, particularly his lyrics, which I believe are part gift and part due to an interesting life. He suggested it couldn't hurt for me to get divorced a few times to collect material for this type of song!

It's a real privilege to be asked to help out with this quality of material and I hope that those of you who are waiting for the up-dated version won't be disappointed.

I think Eddie's right in that we are both from the same era and have a lot of music in common, which is probably how we've become good friends, even though we've never met. One of these days, one of us is going to have to get on a plane...